Seeking a better tomorrow for those living with muscular dystrophy today.

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At Sarcomatrix, we’re committed to using scientific and technological breakthroughs in muscle regeneration to help those living with muscle wasting diseases. We’re starting with muscular dystrophies, and cachexia (wasting due to chronic diseases or drug treatments like chemotherapy) and sarcopenia (age related) are on the horizon.

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Our Science

The science behind Sarcomatrix is in the name. Sarco comes from the Greek root for flesh and is used in medicine to refer to muscles. Matrix refers to the extracellular matrix (ECM) that provides mechanical support to muscle fibers. Our research is grounded in the crucial interaction between muscle cells and the ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM), which acts as a scaffold for muscle cell migration, differentiation, and growth.

The science behind Sarcomatrix
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Our Technology

What sets Sarcomatrix apart is our promising platform of small molecule α7β1 integrin activators and proteins that may be used alone or in combination with exon skipping, gene editing, or gene therapy technologies. Millions of dollars have been invested in our lead therapies – S969 and LAM 111, and there’s more work to be done.


Novel Target

LAM 111

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Partnering With Individuals and Families

Sarcomatrix fully engages the afflicted individuals and families at each step of the drug development process and looks forward to partnering with patient advocacy groups like Cure CMD and PPMD to keep the community informed. Sarcomatrix believes its treatment approach can be utilized in combination with others to give individuals and families the best outlook.


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Invest in a Better Tomorrow

Your investment can help us accelerate pre-clinical research and move on to in-human trials so we can start offering treatments as soon as possible.