Our Goal

Our goal is to advance at least one of our potential therapies to the clinic by 2024. We have yet to reach clinical trials and we’re actively seeking investors to accelerate development.

Our Opportunity

Both gene and cell therapy have the potential to provide long-term benefits for patients with muscular dystrophy by addressing the underlying causes of the disease. However, both approaches are still in the early stages of development and more research is needed to fully realize their potential. Nevertheless, the future of gene and cell therapy for muscular dystrophy is exciting, and further advancements hold promise for the development of effective treatments for these debilitating diseases.

Our Purpose

Sarcomatrix fully supports the development of gene and cell therapies and looks forward to the day they cure afflicted individuals. Until that day comes, we’re committed to polytherapy, which involves using multiple treatments in combination to achieve the best possible outcome. This approach may be particularly useful in the treatment of complex diseases like muscular dystrophy, where a single treatment may not be enough to address all the symptoms and underlying causes of the disease. We fully engage individuals and families at each step of the drug development process and look forward to partnering with patient advocacy groups like Cure CMD and PPMD to keep the community informed.

Our Request

We’ve spent more than 20 years researching these important potential therapies and people are depending on us.

If you know anyone interested in helping us move forward faster, contact us.


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